The strange things you can buy at flea markets in the suburbs of Ukraine

Walking around the flea market in Poichaina, Kyiv can be widely exciting and depressing at the same time. When walking further through to the outskirts of the market, the stalls start to look poorer...

How to get by in Ukraine

Integrating in Ukrainian culture can seem hard at first. Everyone is very direct, and want to skip the hassle of being polite. But if you think about it, this way of communication is more...

A week in Berlin

Small recap video of Berlin in 2016. Here I started to continue my hobby as a filmmaker. Music Used ( In order ) Fugazi - Waiting room Black flag - Rise Above

Dating several women at the same time in Ukraine

The dating life, what can you expect from it? When you are dating someone for the first time, there are no rules attached and you might just want to meet someone new. Nothing is...