The party drug 3-MMC is illegal as of today and an alternative is already on the market: 3-CMC.

Since October 28th the very addictive designer drug 3-MMC (Miauw) and N-Ethylhexedrone (Hexedrone) have been announced illegal in the Netherlands. 4 days prior I made a video regarding this topic.

Watch this before you buy designer drugs at a smart shop (Fast explanation)

In the Netherlands we have an opium list, which is a list split in 2 categories with drugs that are considered dangerous, like Cocaine amfetamine MDMA, and drugs that are considered less...

48 hours with Stas

In this observing documentary I follow Stas, a Ukranian artist and rapper who is an expert when it comes to the underground subculture of Kyiv, Ukraine. I found stas dancing in a...