Personal Therapy

Live audio performance | Cro Mags – Show you no mercy

First ever live recording together with my friends. Audio recorded live on March 6th, 2022. Video produced after first recording. Lyrics I tried to stop myselfTold...

The art of Cinéma vérité | Realism in storytelling

In this video I will be explaining what Cinéma vérité is like, and I use this filmmaking style to realize my films. Buy tickets...

Conversion| Swivel seat install | Peugeot Boxer L2H2

Short walkthrough of how I installed a swivel seat in my Peugeot BoxerMusic used (in order) : the voidz = where no eagles FlyThrowing Snow - Avarice

Installing DIY separating toilet in van

Have been re-converting my van, in this video I will be nstalling the Separett Privy 501 composting toilet. I am considering making a series of the van conversion in the future....

The advantages of having a ring

finger rings can be widely used for things other than fashion statements and marriage indicaters. it's a multi-tool for many purposes. You just have to be a little creative.

How to get rid of brand logos/ names

It is understandable, that brand want to put their names/logos on their products. Brands want to promote what they made, but I I already support them by buying their product.

I never been so shocked

While digitizing HI-8 tapes for my parents, I discovered something shocking, that I can never forget. Music used (in order)- Pieces Form the Whole (HD) - From the Soundtrack to The Social...

The Cinema in Eindhoven is looking out on my house

Since I live on a new location based in the city centre of Eindhoven, I found it somewhat interesting that bystanders could watch directly into our roof terrace. Decided to make a...

2020, What a year

100 Subs! Little late, but here it is. Small recap video of the past year. I'm back in the Netherlands for now. Music used (in order)

Escaping the daily grind

This documentary can be interpreted in many ways, but for me it's about breaking through the draining work routine, and finding the things you really want to work hard for, which eventually...