The day I started up Brainer was 2017. Back then quote of the organization was ‘get outside of your comfort-zone’. As cheesy as it sounds, this was my vision, and during this period, I did a lot of promo stunts together with my friends. On this page you can find this content back. One video on this page has been shot in the Dutch language. 

First promovideo that was shot in an actual Thrift shop.
I told the owner that it was for a school project regarding ”sexual equality”. This was not true, I just wanted to see Freek in a dress.

Second promovideo that we shot at a old Fire brigade. The fire brigade spot was about to get demolished in a few weeks. I managed to get the key from the front door (with permission) and Max and I quickly came up with this idea 
Third promovideo that my friend shot at my house. It’s nothing special, we just put up our brainer flag at the top of the house so the whole neighbourhood could see it.


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