Meet The People

On this page you can find one of the very first videos that was ever produced for this website. This category involves documentaries about people who have extraordinary lifestyles. I started up this category to understand these people more ( I do understand them much better now).The First documentary I made is ‘The Apostle of Eindhoven’, it’s about a guy who has dedicated his live to serve god and wants to spread the word of Jesus. The second documentary is about Bob who refuses to use modern technology and still try to live in the 1900’s (This documentary doesn’t have ENG subtitles yet). The third and last documentary in this series is about Jos who committed a murder 25 years ago, I got lucky to Interview him just after his release.


The Apostle of Eindhoven (ENG SUBS) • Meet

ENG There is a new apostle in the city, A mini-docu about Patrick Pereira, a Christian who wants to convert people to god. Together...

Artist has remain stuck in Time (NL ONLY)

ENG Sorry Folks, don't have a subtitle for this documentary yet, hopefully in the future I will have enough time to add subtitles. All the...

What happens with you when you kill someone? (ENG SUBS)

ENG I followed former prisoner Jos who committed a murder 30 years ago and was detained for a very long time. This has completely...