As a creative, once in a while you get this unexpected urge or insight to express, inspire, and tell a story. Most of these insights come when you least expect it. When you’re having a swim, playing some tennis or while laying in bed (I mainly get mine when listening to music). Mostly, these insights only happen a handful of times every couple months, and when you want to publish or exhibit consistently, this can be a big problem.

I used to be very critical to ‘quantity’ art that was made in a short-term period. And told myself that creative outputs should not depend on a consistent short-term deadline. Because if it did, The quality would go then cost, stress would increase, and the balance between work and personal life would also be at stake.

Quality over quantity, right? Until I read this article, which says the best way to improve as an artist, is to focus on the quality of your work while striving to improve it.

In some form this article is absolutely right. You need lots of ideas to play with and producing a lot helps to contribute ideas for your creative mind to work with. If you do not experiment, all your creativity would not result in useful output.

Pictures taken of my friends (olympus mju)

Producing quantity is not bad, since it allows you to experiment and analyse. Without a deadline there is no discipline, and without discipline, there is no production. Therefore I made the decision myself to be consistent with my uploads.

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